It’s a great device for novice as well as for experienced GPS users. You’ve got to hurry as the pace picks up throughout the game. This is a screen shot of OziExplorer with a map of Europe. When navigating to a waypoint the waypoint name and distance are displayed in the top section. There are a few strips of cleverly located rubber strips around the edge of the receiver and on the battery cover. Geko Smak Move toward the Geko symbol on the screen until you’re directly above it.

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In addition, the Geko boasts a user-configurable trip computer, 10, trackpoints, a new upcoming-turn feature, as well as PanTrack tm and TracBack r. The display and selection garin the units, here you can select a number of options I have selected British Grid which gives me the position in Ordnance Survey co-ordinates.

TRAMsoft GmbH – GARMIN Geko (english)

Geko Menu Page The menu page is where you control the features of the Geko receiver. Editing the name is a different matter altogether. When 3 satellites have been fixed positional data will be available with gekl 2D fix, when all 4 are connected then you will gafmin a 3D fix. It has a resolution screen of by 64 pixels which is 18 pixels less than the geoo. Saving the active track as a “saved track” will subject the raw active track data to an internal process that will average the tracking errors present, refine the raw data eliminating unnecessary track points and reduce the tracklog to points or less.


The most important options though are the those shown below: The geko is a small, cheap unit that runs off two AAA batteries with maybe 12 hours of life.

GPS Review – Garmin Geko

It does a lot for the price and makes for a great entry-level GPS receiver. Indefinite, no memory battery required. Gather a group of friends together and see which Geko will win the race!

Garmin Geko Handheld 16 product ratings 4. Games Yes you did read that correctly like all other small electronic devices the Geko comes with four games.

Tracback is used to guide you to return on the same path left behind. Location repeatability usually within 6ft gaarmin mine, even when it says 20ft.

I thought that the battery cover was not as easy to open and close as you would expect from a Garmin unit. The scale of the display can be modified by pressing the upper left buttons.

Garmin Geko 201 Handheld

Otherwise the function or feature will refer to a specific receiver. Small hand held GPS receiver with easy to read display and serial interface.

Additional Product Features Resolutions. Otherwise, you can manually choose the gko with the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons. Connecting the Geko to a PC Geko Overall the GPS receiver felt well constructed.

When you select to save the tracklog you will be yeko to select the start and end points. Geko The setup menu of the Geko is very basic, allowing you to change the GPS mode from Normal to Battery Save or Demo, and to adjust the backlight timeout and the contrast setting of the screen. This displays a menu which allows you to select from the various options by using the two left hand arrow buttons to highlight your selection, then pressing OK again to confirm the selection.


The main differences between the two is that the has a Computer interface and WAAS, routes and enhanced features. The four connectors are for data in, data out, ground and power. If your navigation needs are basic now color moving map — the Geko is a perfect fit.

It shows the track of a flight from London Heathrow to Barcelona, Spain. Small size Inexpensive Relatively simple to operate considering all it does Includes some fun games!

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I use the following recording intervals: If you’re moving toward a specific destination, it shows the name of the location, the distance and time gfko go, and displays a direction arrow in the compass ring. There is a rubber strip around all sides where the front and back meet. This resulted in exhausted batteries, with no spares.